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The seafood industry is working hard as good stewards of surrounding communities by donating money and time. SeaShare got off to an especially great start in 2017, by hosting the National Fisheries Institute’s Future Leaders class at the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank in January. They met with food bank representatives from all over the west to share how the organization and the seafood industry are working together to fight hunger. They are also attending the National Anti-Hunger Policy Conference in Washington, D.C., to advocate for better access to healthy seafood for all Americans.
Looking back to 2016, Seashare, with the support of groups like NFI, was able to achieve the following:
· In Washington, significant new grants enabled them to access over 1.6 million servings of seafood for food banks
and feeding centers throughout Washington.
· In New England, Seashare is finalizing the production of 600,000 servings of high protein seafood for food banks on the east coast.
· In Alaska, they worked with local partners to implement seafood distribution programs for 36 remote villages around
Bristol Bay, Nome, and Kotzebue. A new freezer was installed in Dillingham, AK.
· In April Seashare presented their annual report to the North Pacific Fishery Management Council. The Prohibited Species Donation Program (PSDP)
is going strong, with continued support from fishermen, processors, NOAA, and the NPFMC.
· SeaShare received the 2016 Alaska Ocean Leadership Award for Stewardship & Sustainability.
· Their unique donation model was highlighted at the 2016 National Food Rescue Summit in Washington D.C.
SeaShare extends big thanks for the support.

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