Our Plant

When foods come from a trusted source, you taste authenticity in every bite.

Harvest Select’s state-of-the-art processing facilities in Alabama are HACCP certified and USDA inspected, so you know you’re purchasing the cleanest, safest, and freshest U.S. farm-raised catfish available on the market today.
We were the first in the U.S farm raised catfish industry to be certified according to Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification based on standards established by the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) and certified by the Aquaculture Certification Council (ACC). We’re also the first processor to be ISO 65 accredited in early 2010.
We’ve recently had our certification renewed after an in-depth annual audit with Best Aquaculture in early April. With over 4,400 acres of company and stockholder owned ponds available to our plant, U.S. farm-raised catfish is a consistently high quality product available year-round, fresh and frozen to consumers around the world.

American Farm Raised Catfish Plant

Our HACCP approved, Best Aquaculture Practices Certified plant processes thousands of pounds of fresh catfish every day, year round.

The fish are transported in aerated live haul trailers and processed fresh, in some cases within one hour of being harvested by our in-house seining crews.

The fish from all ponds we buy fish from are flavor tested before being accepted for live processing by our in-house QA team.

Here’s a glimpse of how our fish get from our ponds to your plate.