Harvest Select Extends Reach to Increase Base

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March 13, 2017, Uniontown, AL Harvest Select is pleased to announce that they have acquired a Birmingham, Alabama based seafood company, Steel City Seafood, which will allow them to broaden their product offerings.

Harvest Select’s anchor will always be U.S. farm-raised catfish, but the company’s Alabama presence will increase to include southern gulf seafood and other species which are a natural complement to our current line of products.
Through the use of current trucking and logistics, Harvest Select will use its existing routes and backhauls to facilitate supply and distribution of larger shipments to existing customers and open the doors for growth to include new customers.

In addition, Harvest Select is preparing to launch an e-commerce site that will be available to both retailers and consumers for the purchase of catfish and value-added products. This site will quickly expand to include southern gulf products sourced through Steel City Seafood.
Says VP of Sales, Michael Locascio, “With the purchase of Steel City, it will allow us the ability to source and purchase the finest and freshest domestic gulf seafood. It will also position Harvest Select to be a leading supplier of our sustainable U.S. farm-raised catfish right in our own back yard.”
Adds Harvest Select President, Randy Rhodes, “We have been researching and planning for this opportunity for years. The timing is ideal for Harvest Select. We look forward to further promoting American catfish and expanding our reach into our Alabama gulf seafood.”

For more information, contact Randy Rhodes at 334-628-3474, randy@harvestselect.com

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