Leonardo DiCaprio Wants People to Eat More Farmed Fish

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Leo DiCaprio just announced that he’s investing in LovetheWild, a US-based company that is repopulating grocery store freezer aisles across America with frozen, oven-ready seafood.
We’re not talking fish sticks here. LoveTheWild’s selections involve a spectrum of intriguing sauces paired with flash-frozen fish (barramundi in mango sriracha chutney, for example, or catfish with cajun crème).
Each takes about 20 minutes in the oven before they’re ready. But the really remarkable thing here—and LoveTheWild’s boldest innovation—is the fish itself.
One hundred percent of Love The Wild’s selection is aquaculture—meaning, it’s farmed. Harvest Select is thrilled to be a trusted supplier to LovetheWild of U.S farm-raised catfish.

For full article: https://qz.com/925758/leonardo-dicaprio-has-invested-lovethewild-an-aquaculture-company-that-is-bringing-sustainably-farmed-fish-to-american-grocery-stores/

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