Seafood Products


We are proud distributors of Tilapia; a rich source of protein and essential minerals and vitamins. Talapia has a clean, fresh consistent flavor.

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Farm-Raised Shrimp

We are proud distributors of responsibly farmed shrimp products. Safe, wholesome and traceable. No antibiotics or growth hormones. No GMO or cloned seafood. Traceable from farm to plate. No added preservatives. Farmed with minimal impact on the environment.

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Harvest Select proudly distributes “Pontchartrain Blues” domestic line crabmeat (Pontchartrain Blue Crab, Inc.) that is processed exclusively from true blue crab, steam cooked under pressure, hand-picked by experienced employees, and then double cleaned for minimal shell content. The delicate, moist, flavorful nature of the blue crab is captured in every product.

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