Harvest Select Expands Seafood Partnerships

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Harvest Select is pleased to announce seafood partnerships with Star Agro Marine Exports, Ltd, of India and Shaw’s Southern Belle Frozen Foods, Inc., of Jacksonville, Florida. “As Harvest Select remains in a growth pattern, these ventures mark our expansion into new seafood lines which will allow us the ability to supply our customers with a more diverse product line”, said Randy Rhodes, President of Harvest Select.

Harvest Select has established a partnership with Star Agro Marine Exports, Ltd. of India, a vertically integrated aquaculture operation specializing in a variety of farm raised shrimp. Star Agro is BRC (British Retail Consortium) and BAP certified (Best Aquaculture Practices).

Shaw’s Southern Belle is the largest processor of crab cakes and other value added seafood in the U.S. They are a BRC (British Retail Consortium) certified plant with state-of-the-art processing capability.

“Harvest Select is proud to work closely with Star Agro and Shaw’s Southern Belle to promote quality products using our sales and marketing experience in the food service segment and national distribution in-house logistics and transportation services”, stated Guy Lott, VP of Sales for Harvest Select.”

Harvest Select has recently completed a plant expansion and freezer addition which sets the stage for additional seafood processing and partnership opportunities.

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