Our Farms


Like knowing that your fish comes from a trusted source? You’ve come to the right place.

Why scour farms across Alabama for fresh, seasonal ingredients and then use seafood from overseas? Not when we have some of the world’s best, right in our own backyard. At Harvest Select, we manage over 4,400 acres of catfish farms, operated by local fishermen who’ve been working on our fresh, aerated, natural clay-bottomed ponds for years.

Like you, we pay careful attention to the origin of our foods, so we utilize a harvesting process, known as “seining”. Fish is immediately taken to our plant after harvest, ensuring peak freshness. We will only harvest and process catfish that have reached the strict standards we have established at Harvest Select for optimum size, texture, and flavor. So you taste what we taste: the juiciest, most mouth-watering catfish you ever put on a plate. Click here for our Fish Sampling Procedure